Friday, February 13, 2009

Ladybug Valentine

I have a dear friend whose mother has been as much of a mom to me as my own. I'd love to say that's because I'm so special, but Lee is "mom" to every young woman she meets. She worries about us, checks up on us, inspires us, advises us and encourages us-- and best of all, this 92 year old woman is always ready to party! The other day she said to me, "Gosh, honey, I just can't find anything good to read. You haven't written anything new, have you?" I promised if she could just wait a few more weeks I'd have a new book for her.

Meantime, her daughter Karen and I were trying to think of something special to do for Lee for Valentine's Day, and both of us lamented the fact that A Year on Ladybug Farm would not be released until March. It would have made such a perfect Valentine's Day gift. We decided to take her out to lunch at our favorite restaurant instead. On my way to meet them both for our Valentine's lunch, I stopped at the post office, and what should be waiting for me but a package from my publisher containing a single advance copy of A Year on Ladybug Farm !

Receiving your first copy of any book is always a special thrill for an author, but this one was probably the most special of all. It arrived just in time for me to autograph to my favorite valentine, and the excitement on her face was definitely the best Valentine's Day present I've ever received.

Unfortunately, in my haste to get the book to its new owner, I didn't have time to actually appreciate it myself. Now I have something else to look forward to-- the day the book is released, so that I can sit down and see what it looks like!


Karen March 3, 2009 at 11:53 AM  

Just wanted to report that "Mom" (Lee) says she LOVES the ladies of Ladybug Farm, and predicts that others will, too. She's about 3/4 through the book--a record pace, since she only reads at bedtime. (You know how busy she stays!)

That was the sweetest, most generous gift. A big thanks from both of us. (And I can't wait to buy my own copy!)


jotatoki March 3, 2009 at 3:50 PM  

Hi Donna! Karen passed this latest Blog to me regarding our own "momma
Lee". I am fortunate to count among her "flock" and love her dearly. She is truly an inspiration to all who cross her path. It is great to see your blog and know that you are doing well. I too shall look forward to finding your new book on the shelf.
Will look forward to seeing you my next trip down.
Jo Tilghman

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