Monday, February 7, 2011

Love is in the Air

A Man Around the HouseFebruary means chocolates, hearts, flowers stories!  I have just undertaken an exciting new project in which I plan to bring back into print  some of my favorite romance novels, updated, modernized, and rewritten for today's reader.  The first book, A Man Around the House, is in print now!  When I wrote this book in the early nineties I was busy trying to have it all, and my ultimate fantasy was a man who did the dishes.  The more I talked about the concept, the more I realized that I wasn't the only woman whose idea of romance was a guy who made the beds, did the laundry, fixed the roof, shopped for groceries and took the cat to the vet... thus was born House Husbands, Inc. and one dreamboat of a hero, Michael Drake. I think today's woman will find him every bit as appealing as we did back then-- maybe even more so! 

To celebrate the release of A Man Around the House, I'm offering a special Valentine's Day deal through the month of February for anyone who orders autographed copies of both A Man Around the House  and   Keys to the Castle through my website: buy both for $16.00 (plus s&h).  And be sure to let me know how you like A Man Around the House!


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